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Carbon is the most important element although it is present in the earth's crust to the extent of 0.02% 

carbon is the most essential constituent of soap , detergents , shampoos , clothes ,clothes , shoes and etc . 

hydrocarbons are of two types 

first is (alphatic )

its characters are 
first is saturated and second is unsaturated 

on the other hand 

in cyclic hydrocarbons 

acyclic and aromatic structures are present

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Atomic number is 6
electronic configuration is 2 and 4
valence electrons are 4
property of carbon is non-metallic
Abundance:- Carbon iCompounds having carbon atoms among the components are known as carbon compounds. Previously, carbon compounds could only be obtained from a living source; hence they are also known as organic compounds. The 4th most abundant substance in universe and 15th most abundant substance in the earth’s crust.
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