Global Warming is a great threat on the world in the present scenario.this has a great threat not only on the present generation but also the future generation. there are many ways to prevent global warming. i have mentioned some below:
⇒Reducing the use of fossil fuels like coal, petrol etc.
⇒Starting Afforestation. Plant Trees and bamboos.
⇒Decrease the usage of private vehicles and switch to public transport or cycles.
⇒Buying less number of items as we tend to throw away the waste items at home which we buy at a sale.
⇒Pollution check your vehicles.
⇒Buying things in bulk instead of individual. the packaging can cost the environment.
⇒Do not buy hybrid varieties of cars as they take out a lot of pollutants.
⇒Reduce air travel and choose non-stop flights. 
⇒Combine all trips in one. buy and complete all the works in one go.
⇒Reduce the usage of papers and print on both the sides of paper.
⇒Replace regular bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs.
⇒Recycle the items and use recycled and recyclable items.
⇒Use thermostats instead of geysers.
⇒Drive together. do not use many vehicles. three to four members can go to office in a single car. share it day from day.
⇒Create awareness among everyone so that everyone follows to protect the earth from global warming.
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Global warming can be prevented by the following ways-
.Recycle ,reuse and reduce.
.Plant more trees because they use CO2 to produce Oxygen.
.Use CFL because they use less energy.
.Walk or cycle short distances instead of using vehicles. As vehicles produces harmful gases in the air.
.Use less Air Conditioner. It will conserve energy.
.Save energy.
.Use less polythene. As many times we throw polythene on soil and it is non -biodegradable waste so it do not rot and harms the environment.
.Be aware of things that you buy.
.Buy only that much that is needed. As the extra material is mainly thrown away.
.The gases from factories also causes global warming .It can be prevented by using filters on the factories chimney and by planting tree.
.Prevent the burning of coal and fuel.
.The green house also cause global warming as it traps the sunlight in it and don't let it go ,so it effects the temperate r .  

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