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An integral and important part of Durga Puja, Sandhi Puja is performed at the juncture of the 8th and 9th lunar day. Sandhi puja lasts from the last 24 minutes of Ashtami till the first 24 minutes of Nabami. During this juncture  (the "Sandhikhan"), Durga is worshipped in her Chamunda form. Devi Durga killed, Chando and Mundo, the two asuras at "Sandhikhan" and thus acquired the name of "Chamunda".
this santhi pooja is an important part of durga pooja.
in this durga is worshipped in chamunda form
the myth behind this is when the goddess and mahishasura were engaged in a fierce battle the generals chando and mundo attacked her.
although she looked beautiful her face turned to blue because of the anger.
her ten hands possessed ten weapons.
her face in blood red colour with fiery eyes she killed them .
,,,,,,,,assuming the name chamunda