"My toy room"
I always wondered to have a big toy room filled with all latest models of action figures, cars, planes,  etc. I like toys because they make me happy and they also help me to pass my time playing all day though I have friends and play with them too toys are something really special for me. If I had a toy room I would like it to be filled with such toys that my friends don't have, the toy room should be spacious so I can collect and keep enough toys, I would collect toys that are very rare and are really expensive, I would wish that my collection would one day be in the Guinness book of world record for having the largest toy room and the most authentic collections which include retro and latest toys, and I would also wish that it becomes one of the worlds most renowned toy museum.
Thank you very much for answering. But I m 8yrs old. I want fantasy abt my to room like. it is my world. i fill calm in that room, some toys are my close. when my parents goes to office the best frnd is toy room etc. pls its for speech competition and i want good sentence like different type of emotions. please help.
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Whenever my mom scolds me i run into that room. that room is very special to me. i call that room my toy room. my daddy gifted that room to me on my birthday last year before he left me forever. whenever i come in this room i feel  better. i feel the presence of my dad in this room. last time when i was bullyed by my friends in my school, i came back home and rushed into this special room. this room is filled withn my favourite toys. there are many cars buses and other automobiles. i also have a big aeroplane. then there is also a big toy train. it is red in colour and my favourite.there are also many teddy bears and board games, puzzles and cards. i take good care of my toy room. after all its the last gift from my dad
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