This feeling of being trapped is very common for me. i have claustrophobia and staying in a small room without good ventilation kills me. yesterday while i was going home i got stuck in my residential lift. it was a horrifying experience for me.i was not alone. 2 more people were there too. but that didnt give me any relief. i felt the walls were coming closer wanting to swallow mw up. i was suffering from terrible headache. i couldnot breath. when after 15 min the lift door opened i almost died from relief
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Dear Diary,             
    Yesterday, a very weird feeling made me weak. Actually, I was feeling trapped. I was talking to my friend on the phone. So what happened is that I was not supposed to call anyone on my mom's mobile. Amisha, my friend had called suddenly. And my mother's phone is just a piece of junk. Since it was very precious to my mother and very very old, if an incoming call would take place, it would show outgoing. So I would get into trouble because of the phone. So me and my sister were in our room. Amisha called and I picked up the phone. My sister got up and left the room. She closed the door behind her. And then, sometime later, my father came in and thought that I had closed the door to hide that I was talking on mom's phone. He also imagined till that I was talking about something secret. So I was trapped because of my devil sister and the junk phone.
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