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Mystery  is something full of unexpected things and unusual experiences which creates a un believable thing in your life. which makes u turn back and see it every-time. at starting u will not what is happening  around u and as go deeper and deeper u will understand all the thing' it  will make u believe in fantacy. it might be a theft ,murder or crime. it is a document full of surprises 
and un belivebal things one cant belive without experiencing them. anyone can go through a mystery  at any age. it might be a fictio or bitter experience or negative or positve. it may be anything.
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 something which is difficult or impossible to understand or  explain is called a mystery. The idea of mystery motivates the production of knowledge, or at least of inquiry. Mystery drives investigation and plots the contours of discourse. it determine the clues, traces, that one follows. At the same time, the status of mystery qua mystery lies beyond the field is inquiry. it is that which by definition is unsay able. it signifies the value of knowledge that surpasses human reason and hovers somewhere beyond the limits of current human knowledge. In order to qualify as mystery it has to remain unknown or else it becomes something other than mystery   
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