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URBANISATION leads to many problems like
* pollution- bcos more we develop we polluting the environment by using automobiles.
* globol warming- increase in pollution leads o global warming.
* disturbance in the echologycal balance.
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Urbanization is essential for the growth of a society. But urbanization can cause lots of problem to our society. Some of the problems are Over crowding, Shortage of Houses in Urban areas , unemployment, difficulty in transport system. etc.
1) Over crowding :- It happen when too many people live in too small space. Overcrowding is a logical consequence of over- population in urban areas. It is naturally expected that cities having a large size of population squeezed  in a small space must suffer from over crowding

2) Shortage of Houses:- Overcrowding leads to a chronically problem of shortage of houses especially in urban areas.

3) Unemployment :- Unemployment increases rapidly. The people who depend on small jobs loss their job due to urbanization. Due to the unemployment they are forced to  go to the rural ares.  Poverty and storage of food become common
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