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Soil is vital to food production.we need high quality soil to grow the crops that we need soil is also important to plant that grow in wild.many other types of conservation efforts,such as plants conservation and animals conservation depends on soil conservation.
poor farming method such as repeatedly planting the same type of crop in the same place,deplete nutrients in the soil. soil erosion by water and winds increases when farmers plough up and down hills.
one soil conservation method is also called contour strip cropping. several crops such as corn, wheat,and clover are planted in alternating strips.
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Soil have a very importance in our life. On soil we grow our food as food is also essential for our life soil is also importance for our life.
There are six types of soil:
1.Alluvial soil=It is deposited by three important river valleys that is Indus, Brahmaputra and Ganga.It contain potash.
2.Black soil=It is black in colour. This soil is also called Radar soil.It also contain potash , magnesium etc.
3.Laterite soil
4.Red and yellow soil.
5.Arid soil.
6.Forests soil=It rich in humus and fertility content of this soil is also very high.So every crop can be grown on this type of soil.