some woman are-

1. Poonam Barla

2. sarla thakral

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Paridh all the women about whom you have written about are already in limelight!
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Women who excelled in their life though they may not have come into limelight are:-
1)Gurjit Kaur : She is plays for India's hokey team and hockey team Punjab.
2)Mitahli Raj: She is the captain of Indian national women's cricket team.
3)Soniya Dabir: She is a cricketer. She has played in women's one day international and 2020 internationals for India.
4)Poonam Barla: She is a hockey player from Odhisa.
5)Mouma Das: She is a table tennis player from West Bengal.
6) Sarla Thakral: She was the first Indian women to fly.
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