Some of the women who excelled in different sectors are:
kiran mazumdar shaw - india's most popular television and film producer
shahnaz hussain- introduced herbal beauty products in the country
ekta kapoor - chairman and managing director of bicon
ritu kumar- india's leading fashion designer
schauna chauhan saluja - director of parle argo who has taken products like frooti , appy etc.,
preetha reddy - managing director of Apollo hospitals
simone n tata- ex- chair person of trent limited
ritu nanda- chairman and ceo of escolife
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Sunita williams-became a famous astronaut.
Kiran bedi-became a first women officer in the IPS
Indira Gandhi-became first prime minister of India
Arundhati Roy-one of the famous India writer HIGHLY CLAIMED FOR HER WRITING SKILLS.
P.T USHA-one of the famous athletes won many medals for our country

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she is captian of Induia
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you should search for women hockey team (India). They are not telecasted usually and hardly anyone knows who they are!
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