In february 1930 , Ho Chi Minh ( who spent time in france and USSR) brought together competing nationalist groups to establish the vietnamese communist party ( vietnam cong san dong), later renamed the Indo- chinese communist party. He inspired by the militant demonstrations of the european communist parties. In 1940 Japan occupied vietnam, as part of its imperial drive to control southeast Asia. So nationalists nw had to fight aganist the Japanese as well as the French. Howeverv, the French were in a weak position as Hitler had occupied entire France in the course of the second world war.The league for the independence of vietnam ( Viet Nam Doc Lap Dong Minh) , which came to be known as the Vietminh, fought the Japanese occupation and recaptured Hanoi in september 1945. The Democratic Republican of Vietnam was formed and Ho Chi Minh became chairman. When the Vietminh came to power in August 1945, they immediately issued a circular for 25% reduction in land rents, the cancellation of all secondary rents, and the cancellation of all arrears in rent owed by tenants before August 1945. They adopted the policy of redistributing communal land and land owned by French and Vietnamese traitors.
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Among the 20 century statesmen,hochimin was remarkable both for tenacity and patience with which he persued hs goal of vietnamese independence and for his succession blending communism with nationalism.from his youth minh esposed freedom for the french colony of nationalism vietnam.he preserved through many years when his chance of attaining his objective were so minuscule as to seem rediculous.ultimately he organised the defeat the french in 1945 in the historic battle of "dien bien phu" this battle a triumph of guerilla strategy came nine year after he was named president of democratic republic government.