To find irrationals, first square the numbers between which you want to find irrationals. After squaring you find 4 and 9. Now the irrationals will be " square root of the numbers between 4 and 9; you have to exclude 4 and 9".
If you want more irrational number, try to "cube and take cube root" instead of "squaring and taking square root:


two irrational nos between 2 and 3 are √5,√6.
there can be some more like √7,√8.and many more
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There are many rational numbers between 2 and 3 for example √4, √5, √6 etc
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see if we find the square root of 5 it is 2.5 and it is between 2 and 3
similarly the square root of 4 is 2 which is 2 itself
square root of 4???