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once tenali rama saw some goons hiding behind his house when he was returning from the palace. they were saying, "you know raghu, there is someone called tenali rama in this house. he is quite rich. it will be fun to loot him." saying this they went back to hide in the bushes. tenali smiled mischevously. he walked smartly towards his house. that night, he told his wife everything he heard. they made a plan. when the clock was about to strike 12, tenali said loudly, "there are many goons nowadays, so it is better to keep all of our expensive and valuable jewellery and money in a box and throw in into the well near our house. it'll be safe there.' the goons could'nt hide their happiness.'what a foolish man.'they thought. rama, took an empty box and filled it with stones. he next threw it into the well. when he had gone back inside, the goons started drawing water from the well. they could not find it at first. then they found it and drew it upwards. when they opened the box they were expecting gold and silver. but there were only millions of stones."we have been fooled. this tenali rama is a smart man. let's get out of here before he catches us." said the boss. "there will be no need of that. i have already caught you. and nobody can save you." came a voice from behind them. they turned around. it was tenali! he took them to palace and got them arrested. tenali rama for sure was a smart and sensible man.
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