A rectangular park has dimension 90cm by 70 m. Two paths run parallel to the lengths of the rectangle and two paths run parallel to its breadths. Two paths along the length are 7m wide and the other two along the breadth are 5m wide.Find the area of : a all paths b the remaining portion of the park.



Area of the two paths along the length = 2 x (90m x 7m) = 1260m²
Area of the two paths along the breadth = 2 x (70m x 5m) = 700m²
Area of the paths crossing each other = 4 x (7m x 5m) = 140m²
Therefore, total area of the path = (1260 + 700 - 140) m²
                                              = 1820m²
Area of the park = 90m x 70m = 6300m²
Therefore, area of the remaining portion = (6300 - 1820) m²
                                                         = 4480m²
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