After hot summer months we can only wait for a rainy day.
The season of rain start from the month of June and continue till August.
The first shower of rain washes away our seats of hot sunny days, and brings relief from the uneasy summer heat. 
On a rainy day, we enjoy playing in the rain getting all wet.
School remain closed on a rainy day.
There is water everywhere.
Frogs croak on a far off  village basin.
We sing song of rain and thank the rain God for the day.
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" A rainy day!"
Today was one of my best experience. At morning it was very hot I did not expect a pleasant day today. At six 'o' clock or seven maybe I saw the grey clouds gathering as if they had some kind of meeting or something, but then after they finished gathering it started raining not very fast but little by little, the ground started cooling down as if its thirst was been quenched,  the flowers were blooming, their colors were glowing bright as the droplets were falling on their petals, as I was viewing the scene I wished if I could be a part of them helping one another keeping each of them alive!