the editor,

Hindustan times,


subject: to build a cancer hospital

respected sir,

I am (your name) (address), through your esteemed newspaper I want to draw the attention of the authorities concerned to build a cancer hospital.

as you also know sir, that there are many cancer cases in India & due to the hospitals have no vacancy they even die. if we have a cancer hospital there will be vacancy for the patients as there will be only cancer treatment and many lives can be saved.

I request you to publish my concern & build a cancer hospital.

thanking you,

(your name)

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   the editor,
   the daily newspaper,
   new delhi.
    dear sir,
subject: requesting to build a cancer hospital
               I am a resident of skyline apartments, lajpat nagar, new delhi. these days we are coming across a lot of deaths due to cancer. it is really playing a villain role in our life. I really feel sad when I see the small children in slums affected with cancer due inadequate medicinal support, lack of sanitation facilities and many more. these children are suffering because they are born to a poor family in remote areas. I really feel sorry for them.CANCER AFFECTS US ALL WHETHER YOU ARE A MOTHER, DAUGHTER, POLICE, DOCTOR , CO WORKER, PATIENT OR SERVANT. so I humbly request you to set up a hospital for the poor infants who is suffering from this terrible disease.
hoping for a positive result,
thanking you,
yours faithfully,

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