Sending a child to a boarding school would be right if the child crosses his/her limits but usually parents send their children to a boarding school so, that he/she learns to be disciplined.I think that parents should not send their children to such schools because the child has less chances to learn "how to live a disciplined life" and the child is also far away from his/her parents that means the parents can't watch over their child's acts and this means that the child has all the freedom to do anything even though the school is strict. In such schools most of the children are spoilt (in the sense manner less) so, the child will ruin his/her life living in a horrifying atmosphere!
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Brother, it depends on you. I have studied in a residential school. You might miss your family at first but you will adjust. And you will get a bunch of friends whom you will never forget. You will be more focussed on your studies. Most importantly, you will enjoy your studies, games, lunch, dinner everything. But you need to adjust first. 
And I am not telling from imagination, I have experienced it. I have stayed at home with family till i was 10 years old. Since then, I have been staying in hostels. 
Remember, at first, it will be difficult, staying away from family. But ultimately you are gonna thank your parents for that.
Parents don't send their children to residential school as punishment. They love you. They have to stay away from you. Now you may not understand their pain. They do it so that you could have a bright future.
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It makes you more mature- staying away from parents. You learn the the way of the world. You will be more flexible and good at adapting to all situations.
really!. I think that rather than residential schools KV is better in teaching "the way of the world"
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