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dear friend,

I am writing a letter to you after so many years. I received your letter yesterday & was glad to know that you are fine. I m also fine here.

my studies are going well. I mostly like to read books or play games in my free time. I like playing with my friends & I have many friends but no one like you. I mostly dislike playing video games or to chat on computer.

I miss you a lot. please plan to come this dusshera.

yours affectionately

(your name)

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Park Avenue, Genre Road,
Feather Residency, Tenya.
21st June, 2003.

Dear Amisha,           
   It's been a long time since we've interacted with each other. Me and Aisha have been missing you terribly. How are you? Hope you and all at home are I the pink of health. I received your letter yesterday and didn't get time to give an instant reply.      
 So as you had asked me my likes and dislikes, hobby and pastime, here I answer all your questions. So firstly, I love ice cream and KFC burgers. They're delicious. And then, I hate vegetables and salted plain chips. I like to dance, sing and draw in my pastime. My hobbies are acting, dancing and singing. Did I answer all your questions?
       Now I'm running out of time, so I'll write back again later. Hope you're fine and will remain fine. And yeah, Happy Puja!
                                                                          Yours lovingly, Alisha
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