Yes, the unfertilised egg is vegetarian dish but the fertilised egg is non vegetarian .Because the unfertilised egg will never hatch into chick ,but the fertilised egg will.

is it right now?
Amna, By all means, I am trying to convince myself that egg is vegetarian, but i am not being able to do so. Something to do with my beliefs i think....
it is both veg and non veg
The unfertilised egg is vegetarian & fertilised egg is non-vegetarian.
it is proved by scientits
but from my view it should be included in non veg. as it comes from hen.
if i heiped mark as best.
they say not sure milk also comes from cow but it is vegetarian then egg would also be i dont know not sure but they say
difference between eggs and milk. milk does not become a calf. fertilized eggs can be hatched to living infant birds. unfertilized eggs cannot become birds.