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Lion          50.00 mph
Rabbit      35.00 mph
Kangaroo 30.00 mph
Cat           30.00 mph
Pig            11.00 mph
 Giraffe      32.00 mph
Cheetah     70.00 mph
Elk               45.00 mph
Jackal          35.00 mph
Elephant      25.00 mph
Squirrel        12.00 mph 
Hyena           40.00 mph
Zebra            40.00 mph

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These are some estimates from experience related to domestic animals. You could watch them run and then you can roughly estimate their speed relative to other moving objects nearby.

Domestic animals are: cats, dogs, goats, bufallos, cows, rats, rabbits, lizards etc.

  Cat -  45 kmph                 Dogs - 50 kmph 
  Rabbit - 50 kmph                   Rats -  24 kmph
  Lizards - 0.3 kmph                Cows - 12 kmph
    Bullocks - 10 kmph            Goats - 25 kmph

Wild animals 
    These numbers we have heard or read in our books.

Cheetah - can run 100 kmph or more
Lion - 50 kmph to 60 kmph - a lion cannot run at high speed for a long time
Tiger 60 kmph
Horses in races - can run up to 80 to 90 kmph
Elephants can run up to 30 kmph