I am only writing the body of the letter. If want the whole thing let me know,-- (1st para)Dear sir,I'd kindly like to bring to your notice the condition of your tow n due to pollution. I am a resident of ____and the name of my town is___. I can assure you that the clothes off pollution are more profound here than any where else in the city (2nd para) ours was the cleanest town in the city but every since the new cotton textile factory came up, this condition of our town detoriated. Our town has now become poisonous. There is always a black sky over or head because of the smoke. The waters are polluted because of the chemicals dumped into them. Many children are falling sick after drinking the water without purifying it. The roads are fully covered with junk which is not regularly cleaned. Most of the people hadn't started getting irritations on their skin. This is the condition of our life. (Last para) I will be obliged if through your daily coloumn the concerned authority can be notified.
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the editor,

times of india

respected sir,

I am (your name) of(address) & through your esteemed newspaper I want to draw the attention of the authorities that there is a lot of pollution in my city.

I want to tell u that there is a lot of pollution in my city due to smoke from vehicles & dust from the nearby factories. many people are dying in my city due to Asthma. I want u to tell that please publish that what is happening in my city.

please take my points strongly.

yours obediently,

(ur name)

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