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India is the fourth country to send a satellite to the orbit of Mars and the first country in the world to achieve it in the maiden attempt. It is the first attempt since last 44 years, when space programme started in India, to study a celestial body out side earth's influence. It is equipped with a sensor to measure the level of methane in Mars, a colour camera and a thermal infrared imaging spectrometer to measure the temperature of Mars. Its primary objective is to measure the level of methane in Mars. NASA's Curiosity rover has failed to detect it during its stay in Mars. It is also going to study the rate of escape of atmospheric gases to outer space which will help in tracing the history of Mars upto billion years.

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India is the country which has achived to step on mars .i.e., mangal in its first trail.It was done at a least expenditure of 45 crore utilising only the indegenous good and fulfilling the dreams of our great prime minister narendra modi "make in india".this is made most historical and made indian proud to be bron in india.
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