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Nimtree- scientific name-Azadirachta indica
Uses- Neem leafs  are used to make medicines and  cure skin diseases
Tulsi- scientific name-
Ocimum tenuiflorum
Uses- Tulsi leafs are used to cure cough and colds
Mint- scientific name- Mentha
Uses-  They help in proper digestion
Amla- scientific name- 
Phyllanthus emblica
Uses- helps to cure Acidity , cough and cold
Brahmi- scientific name-  
Bacopa monnieri
Uses- helps to cure Mental disorders
Uses- To cure skin problems
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Neem tree scientific name -azadiracta indica   uses-antiseptic                                    coffee plant scientific name-coffea arabica   uses-central nervous system stimulant                                                                                                                       snake root scientific name-rawolfia serpentiana   uses-medicine for snake bite          datura plant  scientific name-datura stramonium  uses-sedative                                amla scientific name-emblica officinalis  uses-vitamin-c,cough diabetes                    tulasi scientific name-ocimum sanclum  uses-cough,cold,bronchitis                          sandal wood scientific name-santalum album  uses-skin disorder,burning sensation

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