Express the change in
internal energy of a system when (i) No heat is absorbed

by the system from
the surroundings, but work (w) is done on the system. What

type of wall does the
system have?(ii) No work is done on the system, but q

amount of heat is
taken out from the system and given to the surroundings.

What type of wall
does the system have? (iii) w amount of work is done by the

system and q amount
of heat is Supplied to the system. What type of system

would it be?

what do u mean by wall?
1) wall is adiabatic U=w
2) thermally conducting wall U=-q
3) closed system U=q-w
why did u write question, if u knew answer?



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First law of thermodynamics: ΔU = Q - W
where ΔU = change in Internal energy
            Q = Heat added to the system
            W = work done by the system

i)Q= 0 ⇒ΔU = 0 - (-W)
     ⇒ ΔU = W, Wall is adiabatic.
ii)W= 0 ⇒ ΔU = (-Q) -0
ΔU = -Q; Wall is non-adiabatic or thermally conducting
iii)ΔU = Q - W

1) we know that u=q+w here q=0 therefore u=w
2) thermal conducting wall
3)adiabatic wall it will be a closed system