Read the outlines given below write astory using these outlines in your own ideas .A merchant returning home from a fair -has large sum of money - suddenly heavy rainfall - merchants gets wet - attacked by a robber - - robber attempted to shoot -gun powder got wet-did not fire - merchant escaped

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One night, a rich merchant was returning home after a long day at the fair. He was taking back a very large sum of money. On his way, he found a shortcut. But it crossed the forest. It was said that in the forest there live many robbers and goons. He went through anyways. Suddenly, it started raining heavily. The merchant got wet. The money was safe inside his bag. A robber was watching from behind the bushes. He attacked the merchant. When the robber attempted to shoot, the gun powder got wet. And so it did not fire. The merchant seeked his chance and escaped.
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