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Technology is a creation that has bought in many advantages and disadvantages in our lives. It is considered as a boon and bane in different conditions. An example of a boon of technology... It facilitates communication. This especially is true in long distance communication. Emails, cellphones, messages and video calls have made it very easy to bond with each other. An example of a bane of technology... It created the internet, where many crimes are taking place. Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, are causing many crimes. Children, especially teenage girls are very active on social networking sites. It might be safe or dangerous.
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We have an entire generation growing up thinking that "Technology" ONLY means 'electronic devices' such as computers!
Modern "Technology" goes FAR beyond electronics! (MOST of the Big Changes forthcoming for us all are in the fields of Biology and Genomics, NOT electronics....)
And let us not forget the Technologies of the PAST that got us here, either!
Does anyone here recall what was considered for - and finally granted the title of by scholars worldwide - the Greatest Technological Advancement of the 20th Century?
in today’s world all the people are getting addicted to the internet like social sites, games and they also becoming victims of the google. For example, all the persons are getting involved in the facebook and they are not at all bothering about  the surrounding world, this may leading them away from the social life and sometimes it also creates problems in the families. 
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