Since plants get carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen from the air and water, there is little farmers and gardeners can do to control how much of these nutrients a plant can use. The 13 mineral nutrients, which come from the soil, are dissolved in water and absorbed through a plant's roots.


Plants get nutrients from soil and water and these are absorbed by the roots from the ground. And some nutrients are also absorbed from the air .The plants use nutrients for making their food so the nutrients are very important for the plants.
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Plants get nutrients from soil and sunlight .The water is absorbed from the soil by root hairs present in roots. The water and minerals absorbed by plants are transported to leaves through xylem vessels that are like pipes. Using the energy from the sun, a chemical reaction takes place in the green parts of the plant ,in which carbon dioxide and water are converted into food in the form of glucose. Oxygen is released in this process .This process is known as photosynthesis.
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