crop selection and cultivation should be based on availability of water. prepare slogans to make aware of farmers about this
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Worried of less water in your fields ?   Select xxxxx crop, cultivate using yyyyy method and BENEFIT.

SOW  xxxx seeds, which take LESS WATER and give you lot of crop.

Suit your crop and cultivation to water availability and Earn more.

Less Water? Worry not,  xxxx seeds suit you and yyyy cultivation saves you.

Water Shortage ?  No Worry.  
   Just take xxxx seeds and employ new yyyy cultivation method !  Reep the Benefits.

Additional information:

Use water sprinklers, change crop patterns, change growing methods.  Adopt (Sow) high yielding and early-maturing crop varieties.


  Millets are cereals which grow in hot areas, use less water, contains a lot of food 
            value, grows in poor soils also.

  Barley cereals require very less water, use less cycles of irrigation, and use less manure (earth) and they earn more.

Cultivation methods :  (yyyy)
   System of ROOT or RICE Intensification method (SRI)
          A super yielding method of growing crops that employs more labor. It uses less seeds, optimizes water use.  It can be used with  aubergine, brinjal, garlic, tomatoes, rice, wheat etc.

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wt i should write at the place of xxxxxxxxxx and yyyyyy
i dont know so much agriculture to find the summer crops and new cultivation methods.
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