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Tropical and subtropical
 moist broadleaf forests
Cameroonian Highlands forests
Cross-Niger transition forests
Cross-Sanaga-Bioko coastal forests
Niger Delta swamp forests
Niger lowland forests
Tropical and subtropical grasslands,
 and shrublands
Guinean forest-savanna
mosaicMandara Plateau
 mosaicSahelian Acacia
 savannaWestern Sudanian
Montane grasslands and shrublands
Jos Plateau forest-grassland mosaicFlooded grasslands and savannas
Lake Chad flooded savannaMangrovesCentral African mangrovesFreshwater ecoregions by bioregionNilo-Sudan[edit]Bight CoastalLake Chad CatchmentLower Niger-BenueNiger DeltaWest Coastal Equatorial Northern West Coastal EquatorialMarine ecoregions
Gulf of Guinea Central
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