Taking food which does not have one or more than one nutrients in required amount is called as can be prevented by having a good diet which are rich in proteins,minerals,vitamins and all...which are necessary for the proper growth of our body
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A state of health due to improper intake of food or nutrients, which results in the effects recognized as malnutrition. Malnutrition is a term which may result either when certain nutrients are lacking in the diet or in excess or in the wrong proportion. Eating a good, well-balanced diet, which contain all the enough nutrients required for the body helps to prevent most forms of malnutrition.
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Preventing malnutrition must include various multi-sectoral initiatives, such as poverty reduction; improvements in basic healthcare, infrastructure, and sanitation; food insecurity reduction; better response during and after emergencies; and many others. But some of the most important initiatives focus on promoting appropriate caregiver feeding and caring practices, such as exclusive and continued breastfeeding, and providing nutrient-dense, complementary foods for children starting at the age