Convergence insufficiency is the inability to maintain binocular function (keeping the two eyes working together) while working at a near distance. Typically, one eye will turn outward (intermittent exotropia) when focusing on a word or object at near.
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Loss of place: 50%
Loss of concentration:
45%Re-reading the same line:
45%Reading slowly:
40%Trouble remembering what was read:
38%Feeling sleepy:
37%Words blurring: 36%
Headache: 32%
Double vision: 32%
Eyes hurt: 31%
Eyes feel tired: 30%
Eyes feel uncomfortable: 29%
Eyes feel sore: 21%
Words move/jump/swim: 20%
Pulling feeling: 11%
there is a sign and symptoms of Convergence
but the question is from computers
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Convergence (related to computers means converging or gathering different technologies to a single device. Like we use a fm radio to listen to fm songs, a telephone to talk to somebody, a computer to browse through internet. But all these have been converged to a smartphone. We can use all these through only a single device - smartphone. 
This is convergence.
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thanks for the answer but what about its types
Thank you Riya!!