Physical factors refers to abiotic factors like air,water,sunlight,temperature etc.the place where organisms live is known as biosphere:
Water can easily be called the lifeblood of Earth.In human beings water helps regulate the body's temperature and blood pressure. It is also an important part of saliva, sweat and tears. In plants important nutrients are carried from the soil to the plants through water. The water bodies of the world have more life forms present in them than found on land.All this and more make water an iessential factor for survival of life.
Light is the main source of energy for organisms. Natural light has an important part to play in the life of most plants as it is utilized by them for the process of photosynthesis where light energy is converted into chemical energy and into complex organic substances important for growth, flowering and germination. Plants as food source indirectly transfer the energy to animals. For animals the intensity of light affects their skin color, sensitivity, sight etc.Light not only is an energy source but an important factor for maintaining the biological rhythm of life.
For plants soil type is a major factor in deciding the type and variety of species growing in a particular area as the minerals, water contents, microorganisms etc. all differ in different soils. Soil is a combination of various organic and inorganic matters and with the varying content the water retention capacity of the soil, the fertility, and presence of minerals also changes. While clay soil can retain more water but less air, black soil is ideal for plant growth with balance of air and water retention capacities .To conclude, every living organism needs certain climatic and environmental conditions that are decided by the temperature, rainfall, water availability, minerals, atmospheric pressure, humidity etc. of that place. The abiotic factors in combination with the biotic factors provide ideal living conditions and if the critical balance of nature is maintained, the species inhabiting their particular environment may continue to do so without a problem