1.penstand with bottle

1.take a waste bottle cut the bottom  so that u will get  the bottle like a glass.

2.paste some  waste cloth pieces on the bottle.

3 ur penstand is ready.

2.photoframe with icecream sticks

1.take four icecream sticks

2.make them like a square  and stick them.

3.paint them as u like and make ur own decorations.

4.take a photo which is suitable sized for that frame and stick it back.

5.ur handmade phooframe is ready.

The Brainliest Answer!
-u will need a plastic bottle, newspapers, straw, and paints
-cut the bottle from the bottom to make a vase like structure.
-make a hand print with colour on the newspaper.
-cut it.
-now fold it to make a cone like structure.
-the fingers will function as the petals of the flower.
push the petals a little downwards.
-attach the flower to a straw.
-make three of them and put them in the vase.
ur craft is ready.

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