The first episode where Ajabde was introduced...
Akbar and Pratap, unknown to each other's identity, make friends. One day, Akbar takes Tansen with him. They see two palaquins with many servants and soldiers. By mistake, Akbar catches a glimpse of the beautiful Phoolkunwar and becomes mesmerised. It so happened that the two princesses, Phool and Ajabde were staying right next to where Pratap and Akbar were staying. The next morning, Ajabde leaves to take a bath in the river. Pratap does the same. They are unknown to each other and another's actions. On the other hand, Akbar and Phool leave at the same time. Akbar was washing his face when he saw the palanquin pass. He gets into a fight with Phool's elder brother. But he does not see her. On the banks of the same river, on opposite sides, Ajabde and Pratap do their Surya puja. When both of them get into the water, Ajabde's 'Shivji ka mala' floats out of her neck and goes straight in to Pratap's neck. Both of them are unknown to this.