The features of democracy i like the most is right of citizens which deals with the fundamental rights

Features of the Indian Constitution1. Fundamental RightsJusticiable in nature (i.e. they are legally enforceable by the court of law)It promotes political democracyNot absolute in nature & have some restrictionsParliament can amend them but not those provisions that form the “basic” structure of the constitutionSuspended during National Emergency (Except Article 20 & 21)
-(Article 20 - Protection in respect of conviction for offences)
-(Article 21 - Protection of life and personal liberty)2. Fundamental DutiesNon-justiciable in nature (i.e. they are not legally enforceable by the court of law)Not present in the original constitution. (Added by 42nd Amendment Act, 1976 on the recommendation by Swaran Singh committee.)Reminds people that while enjoying rights they have some duties to do3. Directive Principles of State PolicyNon-justiciable in nature (i.e. they are not legally enforceable by the court of law)Ambedkar described it as “novel feature” of ConstitutionPromotes social and economic democracyAims to establish welfare state