There is a lot of difference between a city dweller and the life of a village man.
the city man is like glass and the village man is like raw and uncut diamonds who are used to dirt but if some one sees them from inside, they'd realise how strong they are. As of now, the city dwellers may not realise the importance of the village man or how stong the village man could be, but once the time comes, everything will  be sorted out between the two.
City dweller is very rich.he jas all comforts.all things that he need.very good behaviour and maturity. But a village man have to work with all of his life and strength. Maybe a village man has not maturity he behaves like a mad man. But he has the maturity to work to aupport all of his family.he never be tired to work . that's the difference between a city dweller and a village man.