as you all know that Earth is the only planet which has water & air which is important for human life. so day by day the population increases, so I think there should be life on some more planets to decrease the population
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Definitely I feel happy about the evidence of life in other planets. 

I expect that aliens on that planets are far more decent, unharming and obeying the nature than spoiling it. I will hope that they maintain their planet much better than we maintain the Earth.

Perhaps, the Earth and the Planet X will establish contact and exchange visits. Perhaps in future citizens of planet will mix with each other. Now people here are going to other countries and settling down in other countries. Then people will settle on the other planet also.  Perhaps an advanced TV channel will broadcast programs from that planet.

We will learn the better ways of living from them. There will be newer opportunities for people, new technologies will develop and people of various countries and UNO will become more active. 

I would like to go there to that planet and study the environment, history and science of the planet.  My philosophy will change towards that. May be some scientific fiction stories will come true.  Our education will change to enhance our learning.

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