Nick vujicic was born with arms or legs-but he doesn't let the details stop him.the brave 26 yrs old-who is mainly torso-plays football and golf,swims and surfs,despite having no limbs
nick has small foot on left hi which helps him balance and enables him to kick.he uses his one foot to type,write with a pen and pick things up between his toes.

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1. With the help of which thing nick able to balance himself? 2. What he uses so he could be able to write and pick the things up? 3 In which games nick shows more interest and he plays maximum? 4. The brave 26year old whose does the brave refer to? 5. Nick made the details not let to stop him. What are they? 6.who is mainly torso. What is the meaning of torso?
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1)how was nick born?
2)how old is nick vujicic?
3)does nick have only torso or any extra foot or limbs or arms?
4)despite having no limbs, what would nick do?
5)nick has small foot on which side of hip?
6)what helps nick to balance and enables him to kick?
7)what do nick use to type.write with a pen and pick things up between his toes?
8)do you think nick is suffering from any disability?
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