There had been many changes from last two decades in our locality . starting from roads,transport system,availability of water , buildings , and many more...there are pros and even cons of these changes like cutting of trees for making buildings , digging the land more and more for water , removing the soil and making cement roads which does not allow rain water to penetrate inside the earth etc.,.
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Over the past two decades, my locality has made a huge leap. From the network of roads to the availability of space, from the general development to the water purity. About 20 years ago, it was a dull and dark area. My locality was just a huge ground with two houses and a small supermarket. Now, it's become like a city. There's no open space to walk around and play in. There's only pollution and dirt everywhere. But then, there are some advantages. There are now three schools, five huge supermarkets, two malls and four complexes in my area. It's much more developed than it was 20 years back.

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