It is a well known fact that education plays a vital role in bringing up both economically and socially.highly educated people are enjoying the status in the present day society.we only think of benefits of education but we should not ignore the adverse effects of education.
                               when the pupils spend all their time in reading and writing, there is no scope for them to do any other work.they dont find time even to play games and spend their time with family.
                                   second point is their dress sense.the persons with high education try to wear fashionable far as educated indains are concerned,they try adapt foreign culture.they never think of our culture and traditions.
                               another important point is how education affects the family relations.when a person completes his education, he starts thinking that he is greater than the other uneducated members of his family.he wants to show his dominance.he doesnt show love and affection even to his parents.thus,one's education leads to absence of human relationships.
                             most of the literates dont give any respect to the indians, we generally have faith in our values,traditions and culture.what we have learnt from our ancestors is to give utmost respect to our elders.some educated persons think that there is no use of elders.they forget the sacrifices made by them.
                             no doubt, there are many advantages with the education one gets.but one's education makes one senseless.the educated persons must not move way from physical labour.they must do some work that involves physical labour. they should take care about their dress.they should not deviate from our traditional way of dressing. they should maintain good family realtionships.they should respect elders.they should illiterate people with courtesy.then only their education is meaningful.
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