I live in a busy locality in my city.  There are many vehicles going on the roads throughout the day and night around here. There are many shops on the main road just adjacent to our residence. We live in an appartment building on the 8 th floor. The city looks far and small from our rooms.

My father and mother tell me that they used to live nearby two decades ago. They used to stay on rent in a house and on the ground floor. At that time, there was not much of a traffic and neither were a lot of people living around the area. They were afraid of thieves in the night and day. It was difficult for ladies to go aroudn in the evenings. It was necessary to go to big markets near railway station and other places to do shopping for clothes, bags, shoes etc.

There were no apartments at that time. The streets were narrower and less busy. There were very few people owning cars. There were not Ganesh pandaals in the locality during the ganesha festival. But now there are 2 ganesha pandaals in the vicinity.

We used to have telephone booths around the streets and in corners. We used to find many empty sites among the houses, that were yet to be built upon. There were a few buses that used to come near the bus stop, about once in 30 minutes.  Now we have a bus coming every 3 miinutes to the busy centers.
There were no police petroling jeeps at that time. But now the police jeep is heard every night once or twice passing by, and they often wait and watch during the day in the locality.

They had to travel long distances to go to the school and college. Now we have 3 schools in our locality. So during the morning hour and afternoon, a lot of students jam the streets.
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There have been many exciting and positive changes over the past two or three decades in the management of tumors in the extremities and limb girdles.  Most patients, even those with large cancers of the limbs, can undergo limb sparing surgery.  Multidisciplinary care, that is the involvement of several different physicians from different types of practices such as medical oncology, radiation oncology, diagnostic radiology, and pathology in addition to the orthopaedic oncologist, has helped to streamline care for patients and has been the cornerstone of sarcoma treatment.  At the University of Michigan Medical center, the Multidisciplinary Sarcoma Tumor Board which I head seeks to provide comprehensive care to all sarcoma patients, regardless of stage, grade, or location.   I am proud to work as part of the team in the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, one of a select group of National Cancer Institute specially designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers.
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