you can create awareness by telling about the harmful consequences of nuclear disaster. you can put up a short notice on it. you can organize a club on ban nuclear disaster. you can put up posters. you can tell the children to find more about nuclear disasters . make it sure that those who bring out the best would be rewarded. the most important one is elders, parents , teachers should make them clearly understand about this. Hiroshima peace memorial ceremony is on august 6 th.
We can create awareness on people : 1.) We have to educate the people about the nuclear disaster. 2.) We sholud conduct workshops for adults. 3.) We have to conduct workshops for kids in a way that they can understand about it.. example: showing power point presentation. 4.) Mainly we have to conduct campainings to places where maximum peoplevare illiterates. 5.) We have to tellycast about this in televisions and addvertisements in movies so that people can understand better regarding this.