The TV serial named Maharana pratap is a wonderful serial where a child can gain knowledge. It is a serial shown in the channel sony. There fahed a boy named act as a Maharana pratap. This is a serial shows about the life story of maharana pratap Maharana pratap is a great person who fights for the country. He has two wifes and he loves his parents so much. Once maharana pratap got victory in the war against Akbar but Akbar braked the promise who promised that he will conquer maharana Pratap and will become the great ruler of a country. But Maharana Pratap was a great ruler so he defeated Akbar. He is a strong warrior and a person with great courage. Thank you.g 
Maharana Pratap gets married with Ajabde finally...The baraat leaves the Chittor palace. Pratap is on his way to the Santhi Mahal. On the way, the group of known tribes, stop Pratap. But due to his charm, the tribes bless him and also join the baraat. He reaches the mahal. On the other hand, Ajabde is very tensed, thinking about Pratap being angry at her due to the day before's discussion. Dheer Bai is dreaming that she had reached the Santhi Mahal and was about to kill her, but Phool saw her and gave her a death punishment. When Pratap's puja is over, Ajabde is called and Pratap is mesmerised when he saw her. Ajabde says sorry. They both become close again. They get married happily. The seven promises were also completed. They go for the rasam of getting to know each other better.