Write the numbers 1-8 in boxes so that no consecutive number are in adjacent boxes

Anurup , u have not specified that the numbers should not be adjacent diagonally. also that the topmost square and bottom-most square are also adjacent. users will answer to what u have written above.
okkay frm nxt time i'll take care of it


                 3     7
         4      8    1    5
                 2    6
hope it hlps u they meet diagonally
otherwise its not possible

1 1 1
u know the ans
then tell me bcs i want to know
3 5
7 1 8 2
4 6
ok thnx
The answer is in the below attachment.
1 5 1
u crosed the limit
here two and three are consecutive
the should nt meet diagonally also
ok sorry!