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1.We know we will work heard day and night during exams and some may feel bore during that time but when we come to know that our exams going to be ended we will fell very happy because after the last exam we will be free and there is no need to do heard work day and night after it.We will write that exam well and fell happy
and at the same time we will have a warry how our marks will be and our parents reaction to it.
2.   a .stndding
      b .venntilation
      c .smell
      d .motion of our body
       exted a,b,c,d 
2 4 2
In 2 exted a,b,c,d and explain them
thank you.
your well come
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The last day of our examination is the day which we wait for since we get our exam time table.its the day when our tension is over and we can sleep peacefully  at night.on that day we will try to finish the exam fast and leave the exam hall as fast as possible.
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