Velaga listen there answers are different u shud b knowing that
so mark me as bst
first u should see whose correct then mark as best
and u dont mark mine best i have no problem
den i must give up cuz i gave the incrrct ans
i gave the ans in decimal just to show u all that my ans is pricise


 The average speed of 44.68 miles/hr

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I question is all about average.
i m just actin lik i m brilint nd quarellin for points
U shud b brilliant. Bt give the correct answers
Okay okay.
this is maximum speed. not average
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The average speed of dogs is 45 miles per hour.
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whose incorrect there will be deleted why r u taking tension
Leave it nobody has spirit to correct the answers
B'Coz I want to brainly top of the education sites
this is maximum speed. not average