The dangers of junk food are various types :- 1) it can be harmful B'Coz chips are fried and as a patient of brain tumor it harms me. 2) the junk food like berger is harmful because the sauce of the berger is non axodic.
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DANGEROUS JUNK FOODS TO BE JUNKED???------------------------------------–---------------In India, the rate of deaths or serious illnesses due to junk food, street food and fast food is very high. Street foods are unhygienic, and that is known to all, but still it's the most famous food in India. Gol gappas, Papdi chaat, Bhel puri and Jhal muri are all delicacies. And then fast foods, such as Chole Bhature and Chowmein from small, broken down shops are also not recommended. India is known for its delicious food range, but also for its unhygienic service.
Hence, the government has taken a decision. Street food stalls are located all around the country. In front of a store, school or a mall, it's done to gain publicity. So now the government has made a huge building, in which there are different rooms. Each room has a well developed atmosphere. So each type of fast or street food, has a different room, with all the others having the same type of business with them. That way, hygienic food will be served in a proper way.
As far as I see junk food, it is something that only a normal person can stop. In shops, stores and malls, every aisle only has chocolates, chips and cold drinks. Nobody can stop the shopkeepers from selling these items. It is our duty to look towards our family's and our health. The only solution to do such is simply not buying the items.
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