The government reacted harshly with series of laws which violated civil rights in the name of maintaining order. Owing to decision of Allahabad high court Indira Gandhi was unseatedvfrom lok sabha for violating some of thevprovisions of the representing of the peoples Act during the1971 elections. However, she got stay from the supreme court . In the absence of civic freedon people could nit express their discontent and the government therefore could not take corrective measures. The major hilight was 42nd constitutional amendmenr(change ) which brought about a series of changes. It had the flfollowing aims : a.) Excluding the courts from election disputes. b.) Strengthening the central government vis-a-vis the state governments. C.) Providing maximum protection from judicial challengesbto social and economic transformation legislation.d.) making the judiciary subservient to parliment. While the supposed aim of the Amendament was to protest social and economic development from judiciary, strengthen national unity and so on, in reality weakend the democratic fabric of this country. By this we can say that thete is confusion over law's today.
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