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That modern gadgets have changed the world, is a gross understatement. No one wants to go back to the days of no television, no washing machines and certainly, no cell phone.

Yet, rising from the din of MP3 players, DVD film premiers and podcasts is an ever increasing evidence, braced by scientific work, of the ill-health effects of modern gadget

it effect reltions of human because today because of science new technologies would take place and the human would think about each other not seriously.

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i want how it effects relationships
Modern gadgets are much more developed and interesting than the earlier ones. Now children, or the modern generations are searching the internet for answers of all types instead of asking their family and friends. They can watch interesting videos, read stories, review upcoming movies and books. So people are entertained by technology instead of watching television with their family or playing games with them. So the bonds are becoming weaker and weaker by the release of new gadgets. 
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