1. If celebrities enter in politics the people never mind who ever the leader is people vote blindly. 2. People vote if the particular celebrity is their caste. 3. They never care negatives in that particular person.
If this ans didnot help u ... u can del it.
For celebrity - When celebrities enter politics, it leads to a great disorder. The stars are not used to the publicity they will be getting as a politician. They might not know how to run a country or a state smoothly, which will lead to a rough end.
For normal person - People usually vote for their favourite actor and actress according to their looks, acting and dancing skills and popularity level. But people forget that this is politics, not a star meter. Here you have to look at the advantages and disadvantages of a celebrity. The type of a person, he or she is, is also a huge matter to think about.

Mainly, the point is that a normal person is influenced by the person's reel life personality, not the real life one.